He’s Baaaaack!

Krusty Konservative is back. So following his lead and thanks to encouragement from several other bloggers both in public and private, HawkeyeGOP is back as well.

When I was elected to the State Central Committee, I made a promise not to publicly endorse any candidate in a contested Republican primary — I will keep that promise in this blog. Importantly, the commentary presented here is my own. In this forum, I speak for myself not for the Republican Party of Iowa or the Republican State Central Committee.

It is good to be back.

HawkeyeGOP going dark

The Few

HawkeyeGOP has been outed! Grant Young in his excellent blog Questions, Comments and Insults has correctly identified HawkeyeGOP as newly elected 2nd District State Central Committee Representative David Chung. If I were elected I had already plan for this blog to go dark. I just did not know whether I would remain anonymous. As a member of the SCC, I am no longer an outsider or grassroots guy — although it sounds strange for me to say it — I am now a party insider. As some of these posts include commentary on candidates currently
involved in primaries, I have chosen to remove everything from this
site except the initial and final posts.

I will continue to maintain a web presence, my personal website is www.dchung.com, my blog is www.dis-oriented.com and my sushi reviews are at www.sushipilgrim.com.

For those of you in the Second District, I want to thank you for your confidence in me. I am always available to you via
or by phone at 319.431.JAVA

Ames Straw Poll — Rudy Giuliani

8th Place

In all fairness to Hizzoner, Rudy really wasn’t trying to win the Straw Poll. He did not participate and has no Iowa organization to speak of. His Iowa guy, former Representative and failed gubernatorial candidate Jim Nussle left to join the Bush White House.

If I were advising Rudy, I would have told him to stay away from Ames too. Over at the Iowa Independent blog, Chase Martyn writes:

It is the sad reality that many evangelicals vote based on candidates’ personal lives.

I think Chase is right, we told Bill Clinton that character matters and Iowa Republicans have told Rudy the same thing. Rudy is pro gun-control, pro-abortion and perhaps his most extreme position, he supports public funding for abortion. These views are so far from the views held by most Iowa caucus goers that his people understood that he had absolutely no chance of winning the Straw Poll (or the Iowa Caucuses for that matter.)

Rudy got 183 votes (1.3%). I am actually surprised, I thought Hunter and Cox would beat him.

Welcome to HawkeyeGOP.com

Welcome to HawkeyeGOP.com. This blog will contain commentary on the political circus leading up to the Iowa caucuses in 2008.

The author of this blog is a conservative Republican activist who has been involved in the party for many years. The author is neither a professional political activist nor a party leader — simply a foot soldier in the on-going battle to elect Republicans.

The perspective of this blog will always be that of the worker bees. We are the precinct walkers, the phone bankers, the yard sign planters and the small donors. Money may well be the mother’s milk of politics, but we are the bones, sinew and flesh. Our voices need to be heard.