Wayne Ford is Right!

My friend, Ted over at The Real Sporer has a post about Democratic  Rep Wayne Ford from IA House District 65. It seems that Rep. Ford is at it again, stirring the pot about race issues in Iowa. This time the target is the Iowa State Fair. According to the Des Moines Register, Ford is concerned that the entertainment lineup at the fair includes two minorities among the twenty scheduled performers. Two out of twnety, that is 10%.

Readers may not know that I am a minority myself. My father was an African-Chinese mix from Jamaica and my mother was from Guam. So as a minority (and a mathematician by training) I  have to agree with Rep. Ford. The numbers simply are not proportionate.

The last full census, done in 2000, showed the Iowa population breaking down into:

White Black American Indian
Native Alaskan
Asian Native Hawaiian
Pacific Islander
96.14% 2.51% 0.63% 1.48% 0.08%

The 2005  numbers show a little change but the total white population remains over 95%. So when I do the calculation, 5% of 20 is 1. Therefore Rep. Ford is right — the State Fair must be racist, since the headline acts do not represent the demographic makeup of Iowa.

The state fair clearly has one too many minority act. I think that we should replace Corbin Bleu with Taylor Swift.

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