The State Party and the List

The Republican Party of Iowa

The Republican Party of Iowa

In my last post I called out the State Party and the SCC for choosing not to make the lists of caucus attendees available to county central committees in electronic form. I pointed out that in the official caucus handbooks, sent to all 99 counties, RPI had assured county chairs that,

The state party will return to the county a list of persons who attended each caucus in the county.

Instead the SCC voted to give paper lists of first-time caucus-goers to the counties. One SCC member told me that this was a “…a good faith attempt to address the needs and concerns of all involved …” I felt that this action was a ‘breach of promise” — violating both the letter and the spirit of what RPI told the counties it would do.

Earlier today, the SCC met in a conference call and reversed itself, deciding to make the list available to counties with some provisions to maintain the value of the list for RPI. Here is the text of the resolution passed unanimously today:

The Republican Party Iowa will make available to each county chair who makes written request the list of caucus attendees for his or her county at the 2016 caucus, in electronic form if available, and only upon execution of an agreement by those authorized to bind the county central committee that the list will be used exclusively by the county for its own purposes and not transferred to any campaign or other individual or organization for a fee or otherwise, such executed agreement to be received no later than October 1, 2016.

I appreciate the SCC’s willingness to listen to the counties and reverse themselves on this decision.

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