#NeverHillary and taking my seat on the Trump Train

Presumptive GOP Nominee Donal Trump

Presumptive GOP Nominee Donal Trump

I have been involved in the Republican Republican Party of Iowa for almost 25 years. My first taste of activism was the platform and to tell you truth, the platform is still where my heart is. As a newcomer to the party who had just returned to Iowa, I found myself drawn to the platform. That first year, I served on the county, district and state platform committees. Over the next fifteen years I went on to chair numerous county, district and state platform committees, and in 2008 I got to serve as a delegate to the national platform committee. I wanted to have a say in shaping what we as a party believed in.

About eight years ago, I made a change. I decided to get involved in the party’s rule making process. I’ve always been a ‘rules guy’ and in addition to chairing county, district and state platform committees, I ran for State Central Committee where I served four terms. On the SCC, I served all four terms on the Organization Committee, focusing on the caucus to convention process and the rules.

When I first ran for the SCC, and in every election since, I have promised that the only ‘litmus test’ I would have would be the primaries and caucus. I felt that our party in Iowa was firmly grounded in conservative values and whomever the Republicans of Iowa chose, I could feel comfortable supporting.

I should probably give a disclaimer here:

I caucused for Ted Cruz. He was one of a couple of candidates that I was strongly considering leading up to the Iowa Caucuses. I was not considering Donald Trump.

A couple of people asked me whether I chose not to run for re-election to the SCC so that I would not have to support Donald Trump. Let me put that one to rest right now, I chose not to run because of the demands of my family and my job. I felt that after eight years it was time to give someone else a chance to serve.

Am I disappointed that Trump is the nominee? Yes. I was elected as a district delegate to the National Convention in Cleveland. I made the decision after Cruz won Wisconsin, when it looked like there was still a chance that Trump would not win 1237 and we would have a contested convention. My goal was twofold, to see that the convention did not select a white knight candidate other than the two leaders, and to help Ted Cruz become the nominee on the second or third ballot.

Apparently, my evil scheme will not come to fruition 🙂 But, having been a part of this GOP and working for change and reform within its framework — I am not going to take my ball and go home. I am not going to change my registration to the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party.

This fall, I am going to keep my promise, I am going to do what I have done in every election. I am going to go to the polls and cast a ballot for a guy who is not perfect — despite what some of his supporters say. I still have questions about Trump, maybe even reservations. But there is no question in my mind that he would be a better president than Hillary. I am going to take my seat on the Trump Train and cast my vote for Donald Trump. #NeverHillary

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