2016 GOP State Convention Rules

calmI will once again be serving as chairman of the State Convention Rules Committee. We have a great team on rules consisting of me and Chelle Adkins from CD1, Jason Purcell and Caleb Bell from CD2, Joel Kurtinitis and Jeremy Holt from CD3, and Katherine Asjes and Becky Hansen from CD4.

We met Saturday and produced the proposed rules presented here. We had a robust discussion but were able to come to a consensus on every major point in this document.

The only downside is that for the first time ever, rules was the last committee to finish deliberations on Saturday 🙁 Even platform and nominations finished before we did. Of course we did take and hour and fifteen minutes for a committee lunch at Krunkwich Ramen House 🙂

Here are the rules:


Proposed Rules: 2016 Iowa Republican State Convention

  1. General Rules
    1. The 2016 Iowa Republican State Convention (hereafter the Convention) shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition except as hereunder provided or as specified in the Constitution and By-Laws of the party.
    2. Any motion from the floor, other than a nomination, shall require a second from fifty (50) or more Delegates.
    3. These rules may be suspended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote.
    4. The ruling of the Convention Chairman (hereafter the Chairman) shall be considered final, unless upon appeal, such ruling is overturned by a majority vote.
    5. The agenda, as adopted, shall be regarded as a part of these rules.
    6. Republican dignitaries, at the discretion of the Chairman, may be introduced as they arrive throughout the day and allowed to address the Convention for up to five (5) minutes each.
    7. Any registered Republican, residing in the State of Iowa, shall be eligible for nomination. Only seated Delegates shall be allowed to make nominations.
    8. All nominations must be seconded. No nominating speeches shall be allowed.
    9. Candidates running for National Delegate, National Alternate Delegate, National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, and Presidential Elector may distribute materials on the chairs in the Convention hall. Any other individual or organization must receive approval of the Organization Committee.
    10. Access to the Convention floor will be granted to Officers of the Convention, Delegates, Alternate Delegates who have replaced absent Delegates, designated Junior Delegates, and the Republican State Central Committee. The Republican State Chairman may also designate special guests and staff to have access to the Convention floor. Others shall be seated in designated locations.
    11. Delegates who address the Convention shall, after being recognized by the Chairman, identify themselves by name and county.
    12. In debate on any subject the number of speakers shall be limited to three (3) Delegates in favor and three (3) Delegates opposed. Each speaker shall be limited to one (1) minute. The lead sponsor shall be given the opportunity to speak first. No Delegate shall speak more than once on a given issue. No speaker shall be allowed to yield time to another speaker.
    13. The motions to lay on the table, postpone indefinitely, previous question (call the question), reconsider, and limit or extend debate shall be out of order.
    14. The Junior Delegates will be allowed to caucus and be recognized to speak about their Convention for up to five (5) minutes.
    15. A motion to adjourn shall only be in order if the agenda items are complete, or a quorum no longer exists.
  2. Delegates
    1. A quorum shall be 35% of the Delegates listed in the initially adopted report of the Credentials Committee. Quorum calls shall be limited to no more than one per hour.
    2. If a Delegate arrives after credentialing has closed, the Delegate shall report to the Sergeant at Arms and the Sergeant at Arms shall escort the Delegate to his County Chairman or County Chairman Designee (hereafter the Designee). The Delegate shall be seated and his County Chairman or Designee shall inform the Credentials Committee. Delegates shall always have priority over alternates.
    3. Any Delegate who leaves the Convention prior to adjournment shall advise his County Chairman or Designee before leaving. The County Chairman or Designee shall contact the next eligible Alternate Delegate, if any are available; deliver to the Alternate Delegate the credentials of the departing Delegate; and notify the Credentials Committee.
  1. Voting Rules
    1. Electronic voting devices, provided by the Republican Party of Iowa, shall be utilized for balloting and division counts. They shall be issued to Delegates with their credentials and returned after adjournment. Delegates failing to return their voting devices will be assessed a $50 fee.
    2. In the event that the electronic voting devices fail, or if more than ten (10) nominations are made for a given election, paper ballots shall be utilized for that election. Paper ballots shall be distributed, collected, and counted by County Chairmen or Designees and reported to the Secretary of the Convention.
    3. When electronic voting occurs, voting machines shall be open for one (1) minute.
    4. Voting by proxy will not be permitted. Only seated Delegates shall be allowed to cast a vote.
    5. A call for division, after any voice vote, shall require a second from 50 or more Delegates, consisting of at least ten (10) from each of the four districts, and shall move to a counted vote by electronic voting.
    6. In the event of a second ballot, and with each subsequent ballot, the candidate receiving the least number of votes on the previous ballot shall be eliminated.
  2. The Committee on Nominations
    1. The report of the Committee on Nominations shall consist of fifteen (15) Delegates at Large and fifteen (15) Alternate Delegates at Large to the 2016 Republican National Convention.
    2. Amendments to the report of the Committee on Nominations shall be considered out of order. Approval of the report shall be by majority of those voting, and shall constitute election of the nominated Delegates and Alternate Delegates.
    3. In the event the report of the Nominating Committee fails, nominations shall be taken from the floor. Nominees may speak to the Convention for up to two (2) minutes each. Voting shall be by ballot, and nominees shall be elected by a plurality.
  3. National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, and Presidential Electors
    1. Delegates may make nominations from the floor for National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, and Presidential Electors.
    2. Each candidate for National Committeeman and National Committeewoman may speak to the Convention for up to five (5) minutes.
    3. Each candidate for Presidential Electors may speak to the Convention for up to two (2) minutes.
  4. Platform–Amendments and Debate
    1. An amendment to the report of the Platform Committee must be in writing and signed with original signatures only (no photo-copied signatures) by no fewer than fifty (50) Delegates representing all four districts. Each amendment must be typed or printed legibly on a separate 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper. Each amendment must clearly indicate the section of the Platform to be amended. Amendments must indicate the lead sponsors’ and Delegates’ printed names, districts, and signatures.
    2. Amendments to the report of the Platform Committee must be submitted to the Convention Secretary by 12:00 noon.
    3. All properly submitted amendments (see Section 6a) shall be brought before the Convention for approval during the appropriate section of the platform debate.
    4. There shall be no debate on any individual plank, or section, or the entire report of the platform, unless an amendment has been properly filed.
    5. Secondary amendments shall not be allowed during debate on the Platform.
    6. If a quorum is lost, or a motion to adjourn is carried, before the conclusion of the consideration of the amendments filed, the platform as amended shall be considered adopted.
    7. The Platform Committee Chairman shall proof the newly adopted platform. He may clarify, correct spelling or grammar, rearrange the order of planks, but shall not change the substance or intent of any plank.


8 thoughts on “2016 GOP State Convention Rules

  1. General Rules 3 & 4 appear to be standard Robert’s Rules of Order and should be covered by

    General Rule 1

    ie a 2/3rds vote is standard to suspend the rules
    and a challenge to the decision of the chair is upheld by a majority vote

    Other than that they look really good

  2. Under section 4, rules 1&2, will the 15 delegates to the national convention and the 15 alternates nominated by the nominating committee be allowed/required to address the con
    State convention?

  3. I REALLY like #15 A motion to adjourn shall only be in order if the agenda items are complete, or a quorum no longer exists.

    Would not mind the Central Committee adopting it as a Standing Rule

  4. If quorum is lost during the platform debate or the convention is otherwise adjourned, are the “amendments filed” but yet undebated “considered adopted?”

    • No, only the platform as proposed by the committee and any amendments that have already been approved. Amendments that have not been approved will not be a part of the platform.

  5. Just made it in to Des Moines this evening, for the convention tomorrow. Went straight to Krunkwich! First time there; the food was awesome! Highly recommended. Thank you for mentioning them David.

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