David Chung for National Delegate

dave-loresI am old enough to remember typing classes. In my school there was a room full of IBM Selectric typewriters. One of the exercises was to type the sentence:

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.

I was not planning on running for a delegate spot at Cleveland. I was going to try to do something uncharacteristic for me, I was planning on staying out of the fight. But I can keep still no longer. Now is indeed the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.

I am a born-again Christian, a homeschooling husband and father of eight. A deacon in a Baptist church, a Sunday School teacher and sometime preacher. I have been a small businessman. I am the father of a disabled veteran. I am the child of (legal) immigrants. I am a believer in the Constitution and limited government. I AM A CONSERVATIVE therefore I AM A REPUBLICAN!!!!

I am not a Republican because I believe my party is perfect — I am a Republican because I believe that the GOP offers the best opportunity to advance the principles I hold dear and turn this nation around. To secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

I am concerned that if no one gets 1237 votes, the Convention rules committee will change the rules at the last second to pave the way for someone who did not even run for president to be our nominee. I am concerned that we could have a third-party run. I am concerned that we might have faithless electors and the election could be decided by the House of Representatives.

Even so, my real concern is that in fall, Republicans will stay home. I hear both Cruz and Trump supporters say that if their guy doesn’t get the nomination, they will leave the party. If this schism in our party continues we could wake up on Wednesday morning November 9th and find:

  • President Hillary Clinton
  • A Democrat controlled Congress
  • Senator Patty Judge
  • Representative Monica Vernon
  • Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal
  • House Speaker Mark Smith

This dystopian nightmare could become reality if we cannot come together after Cleveland. As Ben Franklin said,

We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

I am a rules expert and a fighter. If I have the opportunity to go to Cleveland. I will fight to ensure that the rules are not changed at the eleventh hour and that the will of the people is not thwarted.

Full disclosure, I caucused for Ted Cruz, but I will respect the will of the grassroots as expressed though the delegates. I pledge to support the Republican ticket this fall from the Courthouse to the White House and I would appreciate your vote this Saturday.

2 thoughts on “David Chung for National Delegate

  1. Obviously you are still a youngster Mr Chung- IBM Selectrics? We had Royal and Smith-Corona long strike manuals!

    Best of luck my friend ~

  2. Dave, Congratulations for being elected as the national delegate !!!

    Your job at the convention would have been tougher if Trump had won Iowa. But since Cruz won the Iowa caucuses, you won’t have to worry much about going against the voter’s wishes.

    So, have a good time in Cleveland!

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