It’s not about Valedictorians (or Drug Mules)

Ivaledictorian probably need to start this post with a disclaimer, I really am a conservative Republican. While it is well known that I was not a Ron Paul supporter, I have always had libertarian leanings (I opposed the Patriot Act, I think it is wrong for the NSA to spy on US citizens without cause, I believe we should not go to war without an explicit congressional declaration and I believe that Federal government lacks the authority to over rule state medicinal or recreational marijuana laws.) Like Congressman Steve King, I am also an immigration hawk — so much so that in 2008 I was a Tom Tancredo supporter (before he got tangled up in the National Popular Vote) In my previous post, I expressed my displeasure with Congressman Steve King’s choice of words in opposing the Gang of Eight amnesty bill and the Dream Act. While I share his opposition, I believe that a side-effect of his use of such obviously loaded language is to take the focus off of the what both the congressman and I believe is the primary issue. The territorial integrity of the United States and the rule of law.

After talking about 130 pound drug mules with calves the size of cantaloupes, he said,

… until the folks that want to open the borders and grant this amnesty can define the difference between the innocent ones who have deep ties with American and those that have been … undermining our culture and civilization and profiting from criminal acts, until they can define that difference they should not advocate for amnesty for both good and evil …

When I heard the above statement from King, I was shocked!!! Did he really say that if you could separate the sheep from the goats that he would support amnesty? The interviewer then asked,

And how would you recommend separating the good from the bad

King’s response,

I suggested it can’t be done. But you can protect and preserve the rule of law. It is an essential pillar of American Exceptionalism and if we grant amnesty, to even a smaller component of this population of 11 million then what we have done is, we have set aside and destroyed the the rule of law …

At the end of the day, I agree with Steve King (at least on immigration — not on the NSA). This talk of drug mules and valedictorians is simply a red herring. I suspect that most illegals who entered as children are neither. Some will take advantage of the situation and become valedictorians, others will squander it and end up in our prisons. But these outliers do not form the basis of a rational argument.

I oppose any plan that under any circumstances grants citizenship to those who enter the country illegally.

One thought on “It’s not about Valedictorians (or Drug Mules)

  1. Well said David. We need reform that works not blanket amnesty. Secure the border, prosecute the employers that abuse illegals, end government benefits to illegals and create realistic guest worker programs that track the entering and departure of such workers requiring IDs.
    Encourage them to return to their home country by certain date with no black marks if they get in line for legal return, then deport those in violation. Such program needs to be done in the order presented.

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