“Repeal Now — Replace Later” is not the Answer!!!

To my Republican friends. I am strongly opposed to Obamacare and the lies on which it was founded. [Read my posts here and here.] I will grant you that more people are now covered, but know from personal experience:
1) You can’t keep your doctor
2) You can’t keep you health plan
3) You won’t save on average $2500

Even so ‘repeal now — replace later’ is not a solution for Obamacare. The system has been in place for too long, disrupted too much and made too many people dependent upon it to repeal it without a replacement of some sort. (N.B. That’s why these things must be fought before they are enacted!) 

It is wistful thinking to believe that we can simply return to ‘status quo ante!’

When Democrats held the Senate and the Presidency, House Republicans voted more than fifty times to either fully or partially repeal Obamacare. Now that we have Republican majorities in both houses and the presidency we can’t seem to get it done.

Most of you know my Republican bonafides. Years of involvement in my local party, lots volunteering for candidates, parades, lit drops, 4 terms on the board of directors of the State GOP, chaired the last 1st District GOP Convention, served on county, district, state and national platform committees, delegate to to Republican National Conventions …

Our Republican leadership in Washington reminds me of the dog who chases a car every day it passes his house but can’t catch it because of the fence. One day the fence is left open and the dog chases the car and catches it … now what?

Some of my friends may say, ‘Dave, why are you being so harsh on Republicans? It was the Democrats who gave us Obamacare!’

I agree but we (Republicans) have had seven years to figure it out. We told the American people that if they elected us … we would fix it. On election day, from the court house to the White House, all across America,  we showed that we could win.

Donald Trump was right, ‘I am now tired of winning — I want to see us govern!