Coming to grips with voting for Trump

I am going to be on the road at a client site out of state on election day. Therefore next week I am going to cast an absentee ballot for Donald J Trump for president of the United States.
Since Trump became the nominee, I have wanted on many occasions to say to the candidate and his supporters,
Could you please throw me a bone here? I am a Christian conservative and I am really trying to support you and encourage my friends to do the same, but you guys are not making it any easier
With the recent release of the ‘Access Hollywood’ video let me say to the Trump camp,
Don’t bother.  I can not in good conscience use my influence to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to vote for Donald Trump.

Now, I have seen a number of Trump apologists say that this was a conversation between ‘the guys’ that happened to be captured on a live mic. Well, it was a mic that Trump was wearing and given that there was a cameraman walking along with him, it is disingenuous to suggest that he didn’t know he was being recorded.

I am still casting a vote for Donald Trump for President. Why? Because regardless of what I think of them personally the next president of the United States will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I am choosing to vote for the lesser of two evils — Donald Trump. But I have run out of arguments to use with my friends who plan to stay home, vote 3rd party or even vote for Hillary. Well I guess I can still argue with those who want to vote for Hillary 🙂

Some will be quick to say, “The lesser of two evils is still evil” or “Would Jesus have voted for the lesser of two evils?” My response would be that Jesus wasn’t really into republican or democratic (small ‘r’, small ‘d’) government. He seemed to favor hereditary monarchies 🙂

I do have a perfect biblical  response to this election based on Revelation 22:20,

Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!