The SCC Passed a Resolution Today Calling for the De-funding of Planned Parenthood

__interestingI really hate Internet memes most of them areĀ just plain silly and frankly annoying. But in this case I couldn’t help myself šŸ™‚

Today I proposed a resolution calling on Governor Branstad and the Republican caucuses in the Iowa House and Senate to end state (and state-controlled) funding of Planned Parenthood.

So, why this issue and why now? In eight years on the SCC, I have never authored an issue resolution.

The Republican Party is the pro-life party. Every year it is the first issue in our platform. Our elected GOP leaders have fought for years for pro-life issues in the Iowa. This issue resonates with Republican voters. Thanks to the recent videos showing that Planned Parenthood may beĀ violating federal law in the sale of aborted baby parts, people are talking about this issue. It is never the wrong time to do the right thing — but given the circumstances — now is theĀ perfect time.Ā This issue resonates across and beyond the pro-life spectrum. In this resolution we call on our legislators and Governor Branstad to act and we want to let them know that we have their backs.

Before the meeting, a couple of other SCC members and I worked on some wording changes. At the meeting today, we still had a vigorous debate over wording. But everyone on this SCC is pro-life and believes that no state money should go to Planned Parenthood for any purpose.

Here is the wording of the resolution:

Whereas, the Platform of the Republican Party of Iowa has consistently recognized the sanctity of human life and the personhood of the unborn, and

Whereas, recent information has indicated that Planned Parenthood may be illegally profiting from the sale of baby parts,

We, the Republican Party of Iowa, acknowledge and applaud the past and ongoing efforts of Governor Branstad and the Republican caucuses in the Iowa House and Iowa Senate to advance the cause of life, stand with them in their efforts, and now encourage them to remove all state and state-controlled funding from Planned Parenthood as soon as possible using all means and methods at their disposal, including all funding for non-abortion related services.

Between you and me, the real reason I want to de-fund Planned Parenthood is because Planned Parenthood kills babies.

I am the most interesting SCC member in the world!