A Battle Won

The Duke of Wellington, after the battle of Waterloo, famously said, “Nothing, save a battle lost, is as terrible as a battle won.” Like many readers, I spent all day Saturday at my GOP District Convention. I really do love our cenventions and I thrive on the environment. As usual, I was busy all day, Chelle Adkins and were the only two SCC members left in the new first district after re-districting. So we both took on a lot of responsibility for the convention. As usual, I was very involved in the running of the convention from a Robert’s Rules perspective. I also chaired the platform committee, ran the platform debate, made two nominations and ran for two committees. I hade been at the site the previous night until 9:30 setting up and I stayed until about 8pm Saturday tearing down.

I thought our convention ran smoothly, my friend Christian Fong was our permanent chair, he really got a baptisim of fire up there but he remained calm managed to maintain order. I chaired the platform debate and things went pretty smoothly.

At the 1st District Republican Convention, I was re-elected to the State Central Committee. In retrospect it was a surprise, I was the only one not on the slate to be elected. I would like to thank the Republicans of the 1st District for placing their faith in me. I will do my best not to let them down.

Of course the real news coming from all four district conventions is the elections. The SCC and all state convention committees will be dominatd by Ron Paul supporters. In al four congressional districts, Ron Paul supporters organized, planned and turned out to score victories accross the board. There has been a lot of discussion over at TheIowaRepublican and emotions are running high.

Opinions about this weekemd’s results range from “It’s the end of the Republican Party of Iowa” to “It’s a new beginning at the Republican Party of Iowa”. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between. The Ron Paul folks have not done anything wrong, they simply did what no other cmpaign was willing to do, after the caucus, they stayed engaged and coordinated a plan to get their people out to their conventions. Judging by the caucus numbers, had the Romney or Santorum camps engaged the same strategy, they would have outnumbered the Ron Paul supporters at the district conventions.

Ron Paul supporters won fair and square. They are now in charge of our state convention and our state party. They can no longer complain that they have been exccluded from the process or somehow discriminated by the establishement. On Staurday, they became the establishment.It is time to put this behind us, we have a house majority to maintain and a senate majority to win. We have critical congressional races on the line and we need to defeat Barack Obama in Iowa.

In the end, our new party leaders should be judged the same way that our party leaders have always been judged — they should be judged by results.