Coming home to the new First Congressional District

 The makeup of the State Central Committee will be affected by redistricting. The recently approved congressional map reduces the number of districts to four. The following is a list of SCC members and their new districts:

  1. Chelle Adkins, Jermiah Johnson, David Chung
  2. Trudy Caviness, Emily Lofgren, John Ortega
  3. Wes Enos, David Fischer, Gopal Krishna, Tim Moran, Monte Shaw
  4. Drew Ivers, Bill Schickel, AJ Spiker, Craig Williams

In anticipation of redistricting, the last state convention approved adding one SCC member to each distict bringing the number to four per district instead of three. In eastern Iowa the changes were minimal. John Ortega, from Bettendorf, is now in the 2nd district and since I am from Linn county, I am now in the 1st district.

Since the caucus to convention process will take place in the new congressional districts, we on the SCC have agreed that we will work in our new districts in order to help facilitate the process. Fortunately, no new district has less than three SCC members under the new map.

Last week I happened to be passing through Waterloo in the evening and I had seen on Facebook that my friend Chelle Adkins was getting ready to attend a Blackhawk County Central Committee meeting. I looked up the location and arrived for the last half. It was great to meet both new and old friends.

While I live in Cedar Rapids, I was born and raised in Cedar Falls. I am a graduate (and former student body president) of the University of Northern Iowa. My father served over forty years on the UNI faculty. In my youth I spent much of my free time bicycling, canoeing, rock climbing, rapelling and fishing in places like Dubuque, Decorah, Manchester, Independence and numerous towns in between. The new first district feels like home to me.

In the coming months I hope to get to meet many Republicans in the new 1st district. I am especially looking forward to our first family gathering at the 2012 district convention.

[[The real question is which one of third district SCC members (Wes, David, Gopal, Tim or Monte) is going to move to prevent a primary 🙂 ]]