Steave Deace for National Committeeman?

Former Polk County Republican Central Committee Chairman candidate (and WHO radio personality) Steave Deace announced today that he was considering running for Republican National Committeeman in 2012. If he chooses to run, Deace would be up against first-term committeeman Steve Scheffler long-time head of the Iowa Christian Alliance.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

PS. Deace also suggested that he might run for state senate.

Iowa House Republicans Compromise on Marriage

I have watched recent events in the Iowa House with a sense of wonder and amazement. Freshman representatives Pearson and Massie did what few others were brave enough to do — they stood on principle, they stood for the platform and they blocked HF 5 in committee. The reason of course is that while HF 5 would have prevented abortions after 20 weeks it did nothing to prevent abortions before twenty weeks. They were able to see beyond the red herring of stopping a notorious abortionist from setting up his practice in Iowa. They knew that since only a few babies a year would be saved — it was better to do nothing than compromise.

How is it then that this courageous duo were duped into signing on as sponsors of HJR 6? HJR 6 would amend the Iowa Constitution and define marriage between one man and one woman. It would also ban civil unions and other legal recognition of homosexual couples. The problem is this amendment would not protect all marriages. It falls well short of the standard of our state platform and God’s design for marriage. The 2010 State Platform reads:

6.08 We believe no-fault divorce laws should be repealed.

To ban gay marriage and support divorce on demand is the height of hypocrisy. After all at the end of the day God’s institution of marriage is still mocked.

These political newcomers who claim to represent we the people looked like heroes last week when they held out on HF 5. But now with HJR 6 they have shown their true colors — they are compromisers, they clearly have no principles.

I can’t wait to hear Steve Deace rip into them on his next show!

Psst, hey buddy, I’ve got your moveable flood control right here …

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett is planning on asking for a 20 year extension of the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST). One of the reasons is to provide “more attractive protection on both sides of the river.” Part of that is the idea of moveable flood protection.

Given the track record of this mayor and council — I have a modest suggestion. My suggestion would provide attractive, moveable flood control barriers. These barriers would benefit a local inventor and use local resources.

I think we should use yardys complete with the CartGuard kickstands and filled with historic bricks from the Sinclair smokestack. It is a win-win.

Not just no — hell no!!!!!

I like Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett. He is a genuinely nice guy. But after reading the article in today’s Gazette online I have to ask, “RON HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?”

Mayor Corbett is planning on asking the city council to hold a special election to extend the city’s local option sales tax for 20 years to pay for flood protection and residential road repair. The total cost of the flood protection would be $375 million.

I used to believe that local option taxes were the best sort of tax. They are voted on directly by the local people and the money stays in the local area. But after the state co-opted the 1 cent school tax an made it permanent and then Cedar Rapids ignored the will of the people on how the LOST money was to be spent — I will never vote for another one.

I am ashamed to say that my city tried to scam money from the federal government to pay for the Sinclair site and more recently the hydro-electric plant that was slated for destruction anyway. Of course it’s OK because it’s federal money — actually there is no such thing as federal money — it’s our money. Remember:

The government gives nothing that it has not first taken away.

I used to live on Ellis Boulevard, ground zero for the flood of 2008. I was renting at the time and my wife wanted to buy the house we were living in. I must be clairvoyant because this was after the flood of ’93 and I said no — I did not want to buy a house in the flood zone. People make choices. If you built in the flood zone you get flooded. Much of my old neighborhood is already gone — there is very little left to protect.

Besides, the redlight cameras brought in a net 1.5 million in the first nine months of operation at this rate we’ll have the whole $375 million in 180 years. That gives us 320 years before the next 500 year flood.



I am not a regular reader of the Los Angeles Times. Especially when they (and other big media) start talking about the Iowa Caucuses. Often they do not even enderstand the process, much less the people invloved. But this time they got it right.

Todays LA Times has an article featuring Iowa and Linn County’s own — Joni Scotter. The article describes  how activists like Joni will be highly sought after in the upcoming caucus season. Of course as we who know and love Joni understand — there are no activists like Joni. She is absolutely one of a kind.