Score one for Mr. Ed

Tonight, my friend Ed Failor Jr., president of Iowans for Tax Relief led a group of 400-600 Iowans to the statehouse to speak against the Democrats' attempt to end federal detectability on Iowa taxes.

As Ed points out it is a tax on a tax. This message resonates with Iowans and tonight they showed up in force.

Unfortunately, Democrat House Speaker, Pat Murphy was not willing to listen. When the people in the gallery cheered they were told to stop or they would be removed. Speaker Murphy cleared the gallery at about 8:30pm.

According to Des Moines Register, Ed said,

This is the most atrocious thing I’ve seen in the history of the 15
years I’ve been a lobbyist. Pat Murphy has acted like a jack-booted Nazi …

Recently Ed put an end to rumors by stating that he is not running for governor — too bad.

He’s baaack!

In January, I had written off former SCC Member and Polk County GOP Chair, Ted Sporer's The Real Sporer blog. After his curious absence from the RPI Chair race, the blog had been dormant.

Since then, Ted can be heard weekly on the Steve Deace show. Ted is part of The Deace Group, along with Des Moines School Board member Jonathan Narcisse and some Democrat 😉

Ted has also been blogging of late so I have restored him to the blogroll. Welcome back.

The end of the world …

I am writing this at 5:00 am in India. I have been busy traveling and adjusting to my new job. I just got through watching CNN coverage of Obama’s speech in Costa Mesa.

He of course addressed the AIG bonuses even though CNN reports that Chris Dodd added bonus protections to the stimulus at the Obama administration’s request.

Most troubling to me is his definition of a new economy consistent with our values. He spoke of the value of hard work. I agree hard work should be rewarded. But more importantly he did not speak of the value of risk (and reward). He correctly pointed out the extreme risks taken by AIG, and others — but are they really risks if we bail them out because they are too big to fail?

Risk and investment are as important to our economy as hard work. I worked for Bob Parsons (of fame) for five years. He is the consummate entrepreneur. He built first Parsons Technology (which he sold to Intuit) and now GoDaddy from nothing. Bob is an extremely hard worker but what sets him apart is also his willingness to take risks.

People like Bob make our economy work. Personally I am a hard worker but not a big risk taker. I am rewarded for my work but I do not have any issue with Bob being rewarded for his work and risk. Bob is a multi-millionaire (billionaire?)

Obama would have people like me be jealous of people like Bob. I disagree, I am thankful that Bob worked hard and took risks and having worked for Bob — I and my family directly benefitted.

Obama wants to fundamentaly chang our economic system. I guess I find myself with Rush Limbaugh on this — I want him to fail.

The Cedar Rapids Mayoral Race — Ron Corbett

I read over at Craig Robinson's IowaRepublican that:

Ron Corbett plans to announce his candidacy for Cedar Rapids Mayor …

During the recent flood, two things were apparent. 1) The flood was going to be much worse than 1993. 2) We were not going to find any real leadership from our current mayor, Kay Halloran.

Ron Corbett is a proven leader who represented this area well in the state legislature. While mayor is a non-partisan office, it is great to see a Rpublican of his stature stepping up to the plate.

Rathje for Congress

Dave Price at The Price of Politics reports that Steve Rathje is forming an exploratory committee to consider a run for the 2nd District congressional seat held by Dave Loebsack. Rathje of course, ran a primary campaign for Senate in 2008. Rathje finished third in a three way race behind George Eichhorn and Christopher Reed.

The 2nd District race could be interesting. 2008 primary winner Dr. Marianette Miller-Meeks has been considered a likely candidate. Former Senate Candidate Christopher Reed has also been mentioned as a possible candidate.

This could turn out to be a very interesting race.

April SCC Meeting

The April State Central Committee will be held April 25 in Waterloo. It will be combined with an event to honor the service of long-time party  co-chair Leon Mosely.

This is the first time I can remember an SCC meeting being held outside of Des Moines. I think it is a good opportunity to bring the state party out into the counties and make the meeting accessible to Eastern Iowa activists. Kudos to the new RPI leadership for making this happen.

SCC Stuff — need input

Each member of the State Central Committee is assigned to at least one of the party's standing committees. I currently serve on the Organization Committee headed up by Monte Shaw from the fourth congressional district. The organization committee is responsible for the Caucus to Convention process as well as the RPI Constitution and Bylaws.

I was unable to attend our last meeting since my son qualified for State Swimming (he helped set school records in two events!) I do want to summarize the meeting and solicit input from readers on a few issues.

First, concerning SCC membership. The voting membership of the State Central Committee consists of 3 representatives from each of Iowa's five congressional districts. Iowa's national committeeman and committeewoman are also voting members. In lieu of the near certainty that Iowa will lose a congressional seat after re-districting – there has been discussion about increasing the number of SCC members from each district to four. Increasing the number would require a change to the RPI Constitution. Since re-districting will be in effect for the 2012 election cycle, such a change would have to be approved in advance by the 2010 State Convention. I would love to hear comments on this proposal.

Second, convention dates. A suggestion has been made to stagger county convention dates so half the counties would meet on one weekend and the other half meet the next. This could apply to district conventions as well. The thinking behind the split dates is to maximize the ability of state or district-wide candidates to attend conventions and connect with rank and file Republicans. On the surface I find the idea appealing but it could also be confusing. I would hate to see someone show up a week late and miss their convention.

Third, the district nominating conventions. The district nominating conventions are the district meetings held in Des Moines the night before the State Convention in presidential election years. There are only two items on the order of business for these meetings. 1) Election of district delegates to the National Convention. 2) Election of nominating committee members who will select an at-large slate to the National Convention.

Years ago, these Friday night meetings were a precursor to a variety of events sponsored by the party, candidates and other organizations. I used to look forward to going to Des Moines and rubbing shoulders with Republican friends from all over the state. This year, there were relatively few such events and I am hearing in my district that many people simply did not think it was worth it to make the drive. I have proposed that these meetings be done away with and that the district delegates and nominating committee members be elected at their respective district conventions. The district conventions are better attended and this would give a larger number of Republicans a voice in selecting National Convention Delegates. Selecting the nominating committee at the district convention would also allow the nominating committee to meet in advance like all the other state convention committees. Of course, the election process would need to be streamlined since in my district (2nd) our nominating convention lasted past midnight.

Ultimately, it will be the new SCC that we elect in 2009 that will make this decision but I would like us as a party to be thinking about the issue and start having the discussion.

I sense a disturbance in The Force …

Tomorrow is the day the blogosphere changes. By now you all know that Craig Robinson is launching tomorrow at 7:00 am. Now, I find it hard to get excited in advance about one more blog. But this time, is different.

Three of my favorite blogs, Battleground Iowa, Constitution Daily and the King of Iowa bloggers — Krusty Konservative, are moving to I haven't seen the site yet but with these blogging heavy hitters on board it is certain to be a hit.

Likewise, Tim Albrecht threw a gala launch party for his The Bean Walker last night in Des Moines. The Bean Walker, is Iowa's Drudge report, aggregating content from a large number of political sources.

It has only been a few weeks since I welcomed my friend Tim Palmer's site, Hawkeye Review to the blogosphere.

Now, don't worry HawkeyeGOP fans, I am not going anywhere — at least not for now.

It is an exciting time to be an Iowa Republican.